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Everybody has a little bit of magic inside of them, no matter where they are in life - Liliya


Since the age of nine I had always been intrigued by the power of words.  At the time my teachers were concerned with my ability to retain what I was reading and my ability to write what I was feeling.  Throughout middle school and then high school, I would practice fighting off my distractions that were preventing me from retaining the knowledge within the books that I was assigned.  I would sit for hours upon hours reading and focusing on retaining the information that was in front of me.

I was determined to overcome this obstacle at a young age because I knew somewhere in my heart that I was meant to share something important.  It was not until sophomore year in college, where I saw that my journals kept piling up and the topics that I began to focus on were topics that were affecting everybody around me.  I have always kept the idea of writing as a north star guiding me throughout my life.  Life tends to throw us distractions and we all tend to lose sight of our north star at times, however the man upstairs has blessed me with unique experiences that have empowered my ability to write with purpose.

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I have always grown up around people starting a new business.  My father began doing commercial real-estate in the early 70’s with a focus on retail.  I would always look forward to our Sunday drives where we would meet with new business owners at their storefront.  It was often a family operated venture or “Ma and Pa” as some call it.  I would watch as my father would come into their store and give them a hug. They would talk about how to get the word out about their business or how to move products around for a better customer experience.  He always enjoyed seeing people succeed to another level.  Looking back, my father has helped thousands of family businesses from all backgrounds get off the ground.  I don’t think there is another individual in the country who has helped more independent owners to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams.  He did it because it helped people to achieve their American Dream and provide a better life for their families.  I always cherished and connected with that.



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